God Bless the Child

Baby Shoes My Brother Red Slippers Baby Cup and Spoon Catholic Girl
Baby Book On My Father's Desk First Brownie Project Doll Shoes Broken Doll
Dance Leotard Three Gold Medals Award Beloved Books Girl Scout Badges
Mirror and Brush Set Gloves with Pearls My Father's Death My Mother's Death

Sacred Images

Moonlight Kachina (21kb) Fire Kachina (11kb) Santa Barbara. Buddha (23kb) Kauai. Stone Buddha (46kb) Kauai. Christ. (99kb)
Kauai.  Christ  in tomb. (29kb) Vigil Candles (32kb) Kauai. Mary (32kb) Sierra Madre. Mary (39kb) Sierra Madre.  Kwan Yen (59kb)
Kauai. Kwan Yen (26kb) Sierra Madre. Kwan Yen blessing (43kb)

Hawaiian Graveyards

Kauai. Christ with leis. (58kb) Kauai. Stone Angel. (41kb) Koloa. Japanese Column. (60kb) Koloa.  Two graves. (64kb) Koloa. Grave in the woods. (62kb)
Koloa.  Dolphin stone grave. (58kb) Koloa.  He loved birds. (55kb) Hanapepe.  Buddha with flowers. (44kb)

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